Cover Printer

The simplest way to print covers for your CDs and DVDs


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Cover Printer is a useful, easy-to-use tool that aims to help you print covers for your CDs and DVDs with just the right measurements. You can adjust the design with just a couple clicks.

Thanks to this program, you can have all of your movies stored with their own covers, no matter what form the movie is in. Cover Printer allows you to adjust your images with the measurements of an exterior DVD insert, exterior or interior CD insert, or CD booklet, among others.

Through the application you can search on the Internet for images that you can then download directly to the program, where you can assign the correct format and print them with the corresponding measurements.

And, if you're looking for something even easier, Cover Printer includes predefined formats that you can adapt your images to different DVD formats, like for double-discs, by increasing or decreasing the lateral column size.

Forget printing out the same cover time and time again with different sizes, trying to get it to look right in the box. Save time and printer ink with this clever program.
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